Cathelijn Hoelen

Head of Veterinary Education and Learning

Cathelijn Quirine Hoelen DVM graduated in 2012 from the University of Utrecht’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation she went on to work in several companion animal practices. Her ambition is to combine practical skills with bringing veterinary education to a higher level.

In 2014 Cathelijn joined VetVisuals to become Head of Veterinary Education and Learning in October 2015. Cathelijn is author of many VetVisuals articles and co-author for VetVisuals courses.

Cathelijn: “Our aim is to cover all subjects of the medicine of companion animals, as defined in the Veterinary Curriculum – of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University. With the input of international congresses, publications and contributions by VetVisuals authors, tutors and its Scientific Advisory Board, we ensure that all topics are up-to-date and informative for every practitioner working at a companion animal practice wherever they are!”